I’m committed to creating a supportive environment in which students engage in problem-based learning. I design my courses and assignments so as to encourage students to see the role of rhetoric in their lives as consumers, employees, and citizens in a democracy. Below are descriptions of courses I’ve taught.

This course introduces students to the theories and practices of communicating about science and technology. Students examine social, ethical, and historical dimensions of science and technology as they read popular science writing and scholarship in the humanistic disciplines of rhetoric of science and science and technology studies. Students also gain skill in speaking and writing about science and technology to a variety of audiences in multiple modalities.

This course prepares students to be effective communicators in technical professions. Students learn and apply core technical communication and rhetorical principles as they explore a range of genres. In addition to writing effective prose, there is an emphasis on visual/document design and user research and testing.

This course prepares students to succeed in the current job searching environment. Students gain an understanding of how contemporary organizations conceive of social media, human resources, data mining, and the hiring process. Students analyze rhetorical situations, research prospective employers, and design and critique job search materials, including interview notes, resumes, cover letters, and social media profiles. Students also have the opportunity to design and critique organizational social media.

This course facilitates students’ entry into the business world. Students are introduced to a variety of business writing situations and gain skill in analyzing and responding to them. Special emphasis is placed on the writing process, rhetorical awareness, multimodal information design, and social/political/ethical issues in business communication.